Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know Dancing with the Stars has been on for a few years, but this is the first season I've truly gotten into and I love it! Some thoughts I have....

1. Gilles always puts on a great show and is ssssooooo hot!!! I want to dance with him. How does he moves those hips like that?!?

2. Steve-O annoys the hell out of me and can't possibly be sexy and romantic when he has tattoos on his knuckles. Ew.

3. Lil Kim is totally my favorite. She can totally move her sexy little body and she surprises me every week. I like her best probably because she is surprising - I never expected her to be quite so good or to put so much passion into her dances. Awesome.

4. I just wanna pinch Shawn Johnson's adorable little cheeks. I loved her during the Olympics and I love her now. However, is her partner gay? Because if not, I think he might be taking advantage of young Shawn. Uh oh!

5. I HATE Melissa Rycroft. I'm so sick of all of these people who are basically nobodies riding the reality show train. Ugh. Wish she would just go away.

6. Ty is so super cute. I just love him despite the fact that he's not a great dancer. He tries so hard and has such a great attitude. I hope he sticks around a while longer.

Here's to hoping Steve-O goes home tonight! And, to hoping I can sit in my call room and watch it!!!!


  1. I've only watched a few episodes, but Ty is cute. He tries so hard. I really like his partner Chelsie. She was great on So You Think You Can Dance.

  2. I used to hate Lil Kim soooo bad but this show totally gives me a new perspective. I can really see her as a person, you know? Not like an awful rapper who shows way too much booty all the time :P

  3. My favorite part of this post? The fact that you heart Lil' Kim. Totally made me laugh out loud. I would have never, ever guessed that one. Her and her "wardrobe malfunctions" never cease to amaze me.

    And neither do you! :)


  4. You totally got to stop by my blog... I do a recap every monday night...

    But I have to agree & disagree with you... totally LOVE Shawn!!! She's adorable.. & no - Mark isnt gay! I HEART him!!!

    But I LOVE Melissa & am not digging Lil' Kim! I do think she's good but not what the judges are making her out to be... I think I'm partial to Melissa because I have the huggest crush on Tony - her partner... man, that man does it for me! ;o)

  5. I love Lil Kim on this show, too!
    That girl can move!!

  6. we just had a season (yet another!) and it was a total snore lol

  7. Hey Lady! I'm sure you are busy saving lives and stuff but wanted to let ya know that there is an award for ya on my blog!!

  8. I haven't watched the actual show, I just catch the funny parts on The Soup. :) I was suprised how that judge called Lil Kim out a couple weeks back...she handled it pretty good though.


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