Sunday, March 29, 2009


How long can you spend with someone before their little habits and such really start to grate on your nerves? A week? A month? Years? What does it mean when those little things really start to grate on your nerves?

The BF and I have spent the last 7-8 days together almost non-stop. And, yes, I was getting a little frustrated with some of the things he does. For instance, leaving the shower head on when he gets out of the shower, so that when I go to take a shower, I will get blasted in the face by cold water. Thanks, B.

However, this is not a situation that is unique to him. I can't really be with ANYONE 24/7. There have been several other vacations with the girls where I have had to go off on my own to maintain my sanity. This is likely why I don't do well with roommates, as well.

I need alone time. I cherish it.

And, yet, tonight as the BF left, I felt somewhat abandoned and lonely. But, at the same time, I am looking so forward to curling up in my bed, cuddling under my blankets, and enjoying the sweet, sweet slumber that I can only get when I'm alone.

Maybe I'm bipolar.

Sweet dreams.


  1. I'm the same way. I LOVE my space but at the same time, when my husband is gone I do miss him.

    But I must admit, I love having the bed to myself when he's gone. He likes to toss his big hairy man feet on me at the crack of dawn and that does not amuse me.

  2. NOOOOO NOO you're not weird, very understandable. I'm like that too. Your post makes me feel a bit normal.

    This is why I can never live together with my boyfriend. Sure if I'm married I'll try harder to put up living with a man but now? NOOO WAYY I like my privacy way too much I cant stand being with a guy all the time no matter how much I adore the guy. :)

  3. Perhaps this is why I've always been in long distance relationships. Not that they've worked out (ahem, still single), but I'm so independent that I almost think I'm too much so sometimes. Plus, I don't like to share ;)

  4. I think thats a great trait... alot of people CANT be alone & that's harmful... that you want & need space to yourself - good stuff there!

  5. Naa, not bipolar, it's called normal. I love the hubby, hate when he is out of town but LOVE to have the bed to myself. I try to get some "alone" time at least once a week. If I don't I'm just a cranky little B*#%H.

  6. Hah, it is called being normal in a crazy world. I still love my alone time after being married for nearly 6 years, he knows I have to have my space or I will go freakin' nuts. I sleep best when he is not there and now that I am going to bed so early, I get to sleep before he arrives to heat up his side of the bed. I like it that way. Alone time keeps people sane and without it, we would be bi-polar.

  7. Great post! I can totally relate to what you wrote.

    Did you notice that something has been missing from your blog? It might have appeared around the time I stopped commenting? I’m sorry about all that. I took a little hiatus from the blogosphere, but I couldn’t stay away too long. After a break, I had to come by again and see what you’ve been up to.

    Glad that I did.


    PS: Thanks for the birthday love!

  8. I love being around other people...but I also love having some space too! I think that is pretty normal.

  9. NO your not bipolar... well at least in my uneducated opinion. LOL

    I am an only child and everyone drives me nuts after being with them after 5 - 6 hours. HA!

    oh i hate that shower head being on .... that is an awful happening.

  10. I've felt that way so many times! I want to be alone, but once he's gone I'm lonely!


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